"Heal" reveals that Shellington is his surname, and his first name is Oliver. He tried to move the rocks, but he was to small. And as you said at Captain and Tweak's wedding to me, It says that in your files that you cannnot be the justice of the peace! But the poison grew even more and Peso couldn't wake up Barnacles to check him. Shellington and Deborah have one in "New Year's". A crew that has become known for chasing away doctors. She went down to the Launch Bay, hoping for a good night's sleep for once. It had been a long few weeks and he was extremely exhausted. Kwazii along with Octo-Agents Pearl and Paani embark on a research mission. I'll come in the Gup B! This fic follows the Octonauts alongside four junior officers, who are being trained to become full-fledged Octonauts. Kwazii: Aye. Averted in "Happy Birthday, Deborah", which uses Barbie products instead of a fictional counterpart. Thanks to @thethirdweasleytwin for letting me use their idea. I feel better already. It is written by NoonboryKedabory and hosted on FanFiction.Net. Shellington: Hi Dashi, want a cookie? "How would you like it if everyone else did this to you?! Surprises For The Octonauts Chapter 2, an octonauts fanfic | FanFiction Chapter Two Usually, Dashi was quick to spring into action, but for the next week after she had discovered she was pregnant, Shellington began to realise she was becoming noticeably less and less energetic. [Translation: Super Super!] Room Where It Happens (Octonauts Edition), Octonauts A&B Fanmade Episode (The Octonauts & The Otter Scout Rescue), We Don't Talk About Bruno (Octonauts and A&B Edition), Rosie's 2nd Birthday and How Frost is born, Fool Who Ripped His Pants (Octo-Kidets Edition), Krusty Krab Pizza Parody! Dashi hugged me and we finally arrived. "The Short-Nosed Sea Snake" shows that way back when the Octonauts were a relatively new team, Barnacles (then nineteen) was the youngest. Also any incorrect quotes and stuff. After that incident, we had some sweeping to do. The daredevil cat with a mysterious pirate past. Peso must have told him he needed to be in bed for a few more days, because Tunip was still in with him, keeping an eye on him I suppose. She took the brush and tool kit from the side and got to work. She lifted her head and saw on her bedside table a bunch of juicy carrots and a note. Tweak flopped down on her bed, sighing heavily. [All of the Octonauts, including Dashi and Shellington laugh. Inkling (fighting with shellington): You're the one getting married, you can't be the justice of the peace. Kitsune's name means "fox" in Japanese. Then in the playroom he was seen lifting weights overworking himself to the point he was too weak to hold the weights or stand. It can be assumed that Season 5 would have aired on tv at completion. Tweak hardly ever cried. Don't worry!" Sorry for not telling you the whole time! Do you need something to eat? Inkling: Not anymore! Kwazii: Yow! "Evil" may be a stretch, but Sarabi is certainly more rude and hotheaded than the other Octonauts. Barnacles blushes and he smiles and waves with a smile. She sat down and joined in the conversations around her. Tweak yells out. Dashi noticed them, and got out of her seat and sat next to me. Tweak: Done! They were as bad as the top of them. Everyone: HIP HIP HOORAY! So now everyone knows Shellington likes me, and Captain Barnacles liked Tweak. "Damn" seems to be Captain Barnacles' favorite word, as is "like" for Donna. Thanks to @thethirdweasleytwin for letting me use their idea. She headed up to the HQ, to see all her friends smiling at her. Probably. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. But she couldn't just leave them. No-one came to speak or check on him except Peso and Tweak. I knew it! I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, but I couldn't. So I turned on my old nintendo, hoping that the noise would wake Kwazii up. once everyone's gone we'll sneak out in the gups! None of the Octonauts said anything, but he couldn't help wondering whether they had spotted her sudden change in behaviour or even that . We went up to sickbay and gave peso our notes. The crew has been slacking off lately leaving only Barnacles working harder. On September 10th, 2021, a French translation began publication. We flopped into arm chairs and began reading while taking notes. "Dashi, tell Peso we have an emergency." Barnacles & Tweak [in unison]: No, we are not, Kwazii! Hope you enjoy the carrotsLove fromThe OctonautsPS. Shellington: Where is Dashi? After Barnacles warned them he headed back to camp but then he got lost in the forest due to his blurry vision. Juan: What does implications mean? Kwazii: Yeow, Is the dress done yet? by A demon doggo 14.3K 205 28 When the Octonauts first encountered the Paw patrol, both teams immediately befriended each other. Around the campfire that night the Vegimals made spicy algae burgers for the crew and bamboo for Min but Barnacles didn't feel well or hungry. When I entered the kitchen, I was surprised only Dashi was in there. Dashi out!). Her head was burning hot, burning with fever. Or will he give up and go home? (shakes Barnacles paw)Captain Barnacles: Aww,thanks Kwazii. The mission changed to finding the sacred lotus flower to cure the captain and the others left leaving Peso and the Vegimals to care for Barnacles. Tweak: Same thing! Yesterday, I had a glass shard shot into my stomach. Dashi Dog:Yeah, I guess so. Eventually, she grew tired of the chatter. Shellington POV: I shivered as I drank it. Dashi (who is in the room with Shellington): They are a wonderful couple and they had Juan and Juliana and they are married! Tweak: YES CAP YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We swept up all the marshmallows, rewired the hot cocoa machine, then headed to the library to do some more research on how to help Dashi. This will have absolu Kwazii becomes an overnight stand-up comedy sensation when he starts telling jokes about sea otters. When the crew was on a mission they did nothing but chat leaving Captain Barnacles even more exhausted than he already was from doing all the work on the mission. "Don't worry, Tweak. I'm used to getting up early to fix up the gups for the days missions. She walked out and looked at the Launch Bay which was gleaming clean. yeet fanfiction!!!!! "Dear TweakWe hope you are feeling better and we are sorry for all the work we have put you through recently. I don A bunch of oneshots I come up with about Octonauts. All the Gups that had been taken out were in ruins and the Launch Bay was a mess. Then the crew realized they were slacking off and giving the captain too much work like Tweak exhausting both of them to the point where they both got sick and fell unconscious ending up in the Sick Bay. A bully mentioned in "Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes" has his name (Cullen) revealed during Shellington's drunken antics in "Happy Birthday, Shellington". Dashi: What's going on? The Gups had been in a state and she had to clean them. It was all about dating and being tall and beautiful. Loons typically only lay two eggs at once. Because I will eliminate Captain Barnacles myself. The last thing she remembered was Dashi asking her what was wrong and comforting her. (Translation: How exciting is that?) Deborah's father's name (Humphrey) is revealed in "Margaret's Story". She was so distraught and her sobs were so long and loud, she didn't hear the Octo-Chute hatch open and someone come through. When I swam back to the Octopod to get help, I started crying. That's okay though. Will he be able to put up with their antics? But once one magic is growing out of control they must join together and to keep them a secret. He wasn't waking up. As of "Heal", Deborah likes to call Shellington "Ollie". (That night everyone was asleep then)(Octo-alert goes off)Dashi: Octonauts to the HQ! He is hungry alright! Everyone was like "Oh my gosh! Great! "That was great! Tunip was the first there. Almost Sick. So Peso decided to give Barnacles stitches and bandages for his wound and let him rest. Tweak is rebuilding the Octo-Repair station. Barrot: Buckaopfqop {Translation: Awesome!!} "thanks" I said shivering. Terrible as it felt I knew I just needed to stay calm. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. I wanted to scream in pain. poochon puppies for sale in nebraska; Tags . "We are so sorry Tweak. and our Work Search: Usually, Dashi was quick to spring into action, but for the next week after she had discovered she was pregnant, Shellington began to realise she was becoming noticeably less and less energetic. It's a medicine made out of seaweed, coconut milk, and red algae." Can you do that? And it wasn't until another 2 weeks that Tweak came. Work Search: She sighed but before she can walk away barnacles kisses tweaks check quickly and says "Tweak.. It looks like you were poisoned." Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Oh no, what's wrong? "Mystery on Daytona Beach" features a panther named Taffy. UwU enjoy! Juliana could have been the flower girl INKERS! Can he tell them his secret? Dashi: That's good. She just thought barnacles would just shake her hand or just hug her. Lekona's wife Blythe made cameos in "Kitsune Fox in Hat Trouble" and "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dead Sea" before her official introduction in "Blythe and the Risso's Dolphin". Tweak sat next to her poor friend and asked him if he was all right and he replied he was so exhausted he couldn't stand and/or walk. The Scientist turned himself into a baby ott Kwazii and Peso have been the best of friends for a long time ever since they've been part of the octonauts. All of the Vegimals call Shellington "Shellydo". Kwazii and Peso have been the best of friends for a long time ever since they've been part of the octonauts. I need some rest and some food. He was a pirate known as "Kwazii the Brazen" until he was separated from his crew. He was a tall, skinny lad in his late teens with overgrown chestnut hair and large round glasses, wearing a mint green jumper. Tweak: Yes,Cap? So he detached Barnacles from his drip and helped him walk into the HQ and sit in a chair. Eternal Tears Hopeless Ch III - I'm not me, an octonauts fanfic | FanFiction Eternal Tears Book Two: Hopeless Chapter IIII'm not me "And then Shellington was all like, 'It wasn't my fault!' Too bad for him!" They both shared a hearty laugh. I looked down at where Kwazii was sleeping. He asked if we would be willing to go collect the ingredients for it. Captain Barnacles Bear: Hi,Tweak. In "Atlantis: The Lost Octonaut", Sarabi mentions "the time with the skateboard". Shellington: Congratulations Tweak! Inkling: Oh my! This a request book and head canons stories to feel/heal my soul :), ((Will not make smut or any NSFW writing. She will have the babies tomorrow! Tweak has a girlfriend, Anita, Kitsune has a husband, Akio, and Lekona has a wife, Blythe. Tweak and Shellington. I listened to all the lies. (Originally from FF.net). Then he got stuck in the river unconscious on a floating log heading for the ocean due to the poison. Shellington: Professor, wait! Of course I still liked Captain Barnacles, but I think I was beginning to like Shellington too. Barnacles screamed in pain and ran to join the rest of group who asked him if he was all right to which he answered yes. This puts the Octonauts in turmoil. Peso received the coordinates and headed to the river to save Barnacles before he went over the rapids. For the past few weeks Barnacles was exhausted because he had done ALL the work on the latest missions.And that caused him to suffer from insomnia because he hasn't slept for weeks and he was getting sick. Inkling: Heavens no! The title says it all- Octonauts one-shots! By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. She prepared the Gups and oiled all the motors, then as the others came down ready to go out, she quickly ate a few carrots that would keep her going for a while. I looked down at where Kwazii was sleeping. Meg is the adventurous tomboy to Finch's loving girly girl. Shellington: I should give Dashi a cookie. Are me eyes playing tricks on me? I woke up the next morning having a huge cramp in my stomach. Captain Barnacles sometimes refers to Shellington as "champ" and Deborah as "princess". Dashi, Shellington and Kwazii were all talking about what creatures they had saved that day. this is when Shellington gets nightmares. Tweak: Back in the gup back in the gup! Deconstructed during the Kelp Forest arc, where this is shown to have taken a serious toll on his mental health, leading to a complete shutdown. While Tweak is still an engineer with no qualms about getting dirty, she still dreams of having a beautiful wedding. Their diligent captain had come home. Luckily he managed to save Barnacles before he went over the rapids and brought him back to camp. When I came into the playroom everyone else told me to lift really heavy weights. The only ones who knew were Dashi, Tunip, Kwazii, and Peso. She has been fixing the Gups late into the night." She had a little crush on the captain but she never had a great time to tell him. While Barnacles was taking a nap, everyone came in and surprised him with hugs. At first, Shellington is a good sport about it, but soon his feeling Just random headcanons I came up with for the Octonauts. Dashi: I'm okay Tweak. < Octonauts Wiki:Fanon View source FanFiction FanFic p.1 [Shellington, Barrot,Tunip, and the other vegimals arrive to see Dashi looking up the weather,and Inkling looking at the map to the cave.] This fic follows the Octonauts alongside four junior officers, who are being trained to become full-fledged Octonauts. I began flirting with boys My life was miserable. She looked down at the green rabbit, still sobbing, but quietly now. Peso: I've never helped give birth to a baby, even in medical school. Professor Inkling :Barrot could you ask Shellington for his magnifying glass. All the Junior Officers minus Kitsune. He surveyed the chaos in shock, then saw Dashi with an unconscious Tweak in her arms. How low. It was already eleven at night and all the other Octonauts had probably gone to sleep. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. I say as I run my fing SEQUEL TO DUPLICITY. Kwazii: What's all the noise?I'm trying to workPeso: Tweak is pregnant! But of course, that didn't work. Privacy Policy. rushing over to him. You put on your sting proof gloves and help it! Barnacles: I think.. The title says it all- Octonauts one-shots! "Barnacles thought. CONTAINS MILD KWASO, DASHNACLES, AND SHELLINGTWEAK. The other crew members don't know about Barnacles' claustrophobia. Barnacles: Shellington, Dashi, My Wife (Tweak), Vegimals into the Gup E! this is like my Captain Underpants Short Story thing, but with the Octonauts. He asked me to be the best man! The poison forced Barnacles into a poison coma and he couldn't hear what was going on which was a good thing because there were all sorts of animals yelling at him saying bad things about him. Dashi quietly told peso of what had happened, then followed the Captain to the Sick Bay. Sarabi mentions that she often had to cook her own meals because of her mother's neglectfulness. He thanked us for our effort but said that he had already read every medical book in the library, and he was already doing most of those things. [Tunip wakes up]Tunip: Buk duo doo {Translation:Thanks for waking me up, Barrot!] Then when he got into the HQ he had a lot of work piled on his computer. "Oh no! The Captain looked tired himself. Inkling: First test! Peso rushed into the playroom and gasped when he saw the puddle of blood next to Barnacles's paw. Shellington: FineInkling: Barrot you're the best man,Tunip you can be the JR best man,Kwazii and Peso can be honorary best men,Shellington can be the ring bearer,the Vegimals can be the music players, Dashi can be the bridesmaide, and I'm the justice of the peace! Everyone gasped and quickly rushed over to the unconscious polar bear. I struggled to sit up, and then I remembered. He was too busy fixing up Shellington. Peso was covering Tweak up and giving her some medicine. The story starts with the Octonauts rebuilding the farm after the ring of fire incident. (Calico Jack POV) I take out my spyglass and see Kwazii plowing the a seaweed farm. Just remember to ask me if you need a break instead of just slacking off. She opened the Octo-Hatch and waved them off, then decided to design the suits that Captain Barnacles had been wanting for a while. Will it break him, or will he experience what being real is like?-For Captive Captain, Im still working on it. {Translation: Great Great!} Dashi: Are you feeling better? Kwazii: KwaziiPeso: PesoShellington: ShellingtonDashi: DashiProfessor Inkling: InklingTweak: TweakTunip: Turnup {translation: Tunip}Barrot: Beeot {translation: Barrot)Other Vegimals: Veveemals {translation: Vegimals}Barnacles: Octonauts! It was too much work for one person. I ship kwazii and peso so much so why not make a fan fic Just some Octonauts drawings and some other things I've done over the past however long I've like the Octonauts. Shellington: excuse me! Calico Jack blocks Kwazii with his sword. She was slipping into unconsciousness. Curse me and my autistic butt. In "Happy Birthday, Shellington", Lekona refers to Shellington as "skipper". Deborah's father, a sexist, racist hypocrite who believes he's entitled to his children's love. I ship kwazii and peso so much so why not make a fan fic Just some Octonauts drawings and some other things I've done over the past however long I've like the Octonauts. She laid me down on my bed and hugged me again. He passed us each a book. Shellington: Fine! Inkling: Both say I doShellington and Dashi: I do! I got out of bed and walked to the door. OF COURSE I WASN'T GOING TO BE FINE! The rest of the crew decided that Barnacles was more of a servant/butler than a friend causing him to become really really really exhausted. Barrot and Tunip: ZOOBA ZOOBA! POSSIBLE TW FOR DESCRIPTIONS OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES AND DISORDERS! Shellington: Ok to make everything official, Dashi is the bride, I am the groom, Kwazii is the best man, Peso is the ring bearer, Inkling is the Justice of the peace, Tweak is the bride's made, Tunip and the Vegimals are in charge of music, andWait! A sting ray is stuck! Juan: Awesome! After Barnacles finished his extra large workload for the day he flopped onto his bed and sighed heavily. After the Ring of Fire, things aren't all the same on the Octopod. I love Octonauts way too much don't judge. If so this is a good fic for you we will get snipits of there life outside of TV there will be drama, love, but most importantly angst because I have no other way to cope with wanting to kill myself other than writing fanficon, TW - Self Harm - Self Hatred - Depression, Due to his depression and anxiety, Kwazii feels like he has no place on the team and turns to self harm as a coping mechanism. I am really sorry, granddad.. Calico Jack: Kwazii, what are you talking ab-. Why have you not given us anything from the Octonauts? That afternoon Barnacles recovered completely from the poison but had to stay in bed just to be sure. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. Great! He says this while pulling out his sword and swims toward the Octopod. What will they do to him? "Haddock, Rising Seas, and Gloria": Dashi being interrupted while trying to tell others about the Gulf. Octonauts and Paw patrol save each. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. Inkling: Why yes! Inkling: NO! "Blanche" is the French word for "white"; specifically, the feminine version of the word. Juan: Cool!! To this day, I doubt a lot of things I did in my life. All you gave us was air tank blueprints on the first week. Those whales are trapped! To make it up to you we made a vanilla hot cocoa milkshake and some cookies. Shellington: I should give Dashi a cookie. just some stories i decided to write after an idea popped into my head the idea in question:shellington was in his lab working when tunip comes in and offers him a kelp cake then leaves the rest on the table shellington brings 2 more chemicals to work on when he trips and causes all 3 chemicals to fall onto the kelp cakes tunip comes to the table and takes them unknowing of it being infested with chemicals shellington panics and tells captain barnacles and so the 2 have to stop everyone from eating them but one of the crew members slips past and ends up eating a kelp cake. With the Octonauts. Shellington: What? But one day tweak was walking around the octopod until she bumps into barnacles and his eyes widen. In that same chapter, Shellington himself is. We both said the same thing at the same time, On It!!! Captain Barnacles started to play a rousing ditty on his accordion, and Peso came to join in with the xylophone. We're just dating. Was it you, Inkling, or was it Peso, maybe it was Barrot, no it was Tweak. I remembered how afraid I was that Shellington was dead. Barnacles has been working extra extra hard lately and late into the night. [They kiss]Kwazii Cat [pops out of nowhere, shouting]: A-ha! (smiles)Tweak:Come on Cap,let's find out if it's a boy or girl! The work on the Gups was barely started. I'm so happy now, but Shellington has a huge hole in his stomach. The young adult muttered something unintelligible. Ah, nothing like a good old joke to pass the time. His fever was so high that his cheeks went all rosy. Don't make me laugh. She was filled with dismay at the scene before her. She whispered "You've a fever. She felt his forehead and quickly removed her paw receiving a 1st- degree burn. (In the HQ)Inkling: Now, Shellington just like Captain and Tweak's wedding I can be the justice of the peace! Barnacles: (growls) Mr. Shark could you please moveShark: Mmmm Lunch is servedBarnacles: Back in the gup! And Barnacles is updating his very old training videos, at the same time monitoring the progress of the repairing. She didn't feel the headache or throat ache any more. This leads to many crashes and accidents after which it is Tweak's job to fix the Gups. Shellington has already healed from his emotional funk. The Unknown Caribbean Island - An Octonauts Fanfiction. then collapsed only to land hard on the forest floor making his bite wound bleed. (All octonauts hear the radio come on)Captain Barnacles: Calling all octonauts! The Vegimals go in the Gup-Z2, with Tunip piloting it. Though it grows harder as students suspect something strange with the two girls, The Octonauts help a vaquita out of a fishing net. She helped me back to my room. The answer is all that happens in this book! The venom will make me sick. I have one question to ask you. She was tired, but didn't tell anyone about it, fearing she might be looked down on and thought to be under standards at her job. He knows everything about medicine, but write it down just in case. Peso was checking Tweak over when Dashi arrived. Inkling: Is everyone ready to watch Juan and Juliana learn? And his fever grew even higher as his heartbeat grew slower. The Captain, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington and Dashi were all going out on a big mission. One day when the Octonauts were in China helping Min the Mapmaker collect special herbs in the Chinese Bamboo Forest, Barnacles wandered off from the group and discovered a snake which bit him in his left wrist out of self defense. Shellington: Sure! This will have absolu After a terrible tragedy, the Octonauts begin to fall apart. The Octonauts reminisce about their first day on the job. Tunip: Sheepa Cooopohn! She was lucky to have such good friends. Sarabi was briefly mentioned in "The Undersea Twister" before making her official debut in "New Squirrel in Town". (Walks off) {In a Mocking tone: "Excuse me"!} Please consider turning it on! Dashi, what's wrong?" You can't get away that easily Everyone ran up to him and tried apologizing to him but Barnacles cut them off. Tweak Bunny: I'm so sorry Dashi,are you okay? Tweak opened her eyes to find herself in her room. It is written by NoonboryKedabory and hosted on FanFiction.Net. Shellington and Dashi [both smiling,laughing and blushing]: Kwazii! Do you still remember why you became an Octonaut? (They get to the underwater hospital)Kwazii: We need you're help doctors! Published by at 14 Marta, 2021. Juan and Juliana: Sorry we are late!! I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, but I couldn't. He gave Barnacles a check-up and took his temperature and told Tweak "He did have a very high fever,he was completely exhausted,dehydrated and he had a cut.
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